About us

This website is hosted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada somewhere in the world. The honest truth is, I don't know where the hell things are anymore, at least when it comes to the web.

This site was launched from The Hague, in the Netherlands, on April 30, 2007. I refuse to answer any more questions about the orange background.

sontag (4K)

I am a Canadian who has recently moved emigrated to Holland at the behest of my lovely wife (MLW), Julie. This has fulfilled a lifelong dream (of hers) to emigrate. Isn't that veerd? Just wait. It gets better.

Gerda vanDenHaag

Originally I refused this idea outright. Eventually, I agreed resigned to a 2 year gig. This has somehow been extended to 3 4 5(?) years now, but who's counting? Don't ask me how this is so. I am not young enough to know everything anymore.

Back in 2007, I believed that Canada was a beautiful country and Calgary was a great city. Why anyone would dream of emigrating was beyond me.

Now, there some reasons, if you dare to ask… I digress.

Some viewers, listeners, or readers might be offended, finding the contents in poor taste, with no artistic merit whatsoever.

They are right.

Life is at it should be. Tot Ziens!

Easter Eggs

You can find the occasional Easter egg in these pages. An Easter Egg is something that pops up, sounds off, or whatever, as you move the mouse around or click on things.


Talking Head Technology

Some pictures will expand to a larger view when you click on them. Some pictures will make sounds as you move the mouse over them.

Some heads will talk to you if the mouse pointer is in the right spot. They stop talking if the mouse moves away, but resume their rant as soon as they have the microphone, er, mouse pointer in their face again

Some talking heads will not shutup until they have made their point. If you turn the sound off now, we will understand.

These pages have been tested with the following web browsers on a windows xp laptop:

  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Exploder 7.0

To hear the embedded sounds you need either the Apple Quicktime or Windows Media Player plugin installed.

Expect subtle changes when viewing this page in Microsoft Internet Explorer, like the following public service announcement:

Microsoft Sucks!