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Like a Rolling Stone

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So the general concensus is that Conrad Black got off very lightly. He did indeed.

Poor Toronto Life writer Douglas Bell did far worse - he has to eat his own blog!

Though Mr. Black's prison sentence is a mere 6½ years, our beloved Conrad has been handed a life sentence excluding him from everything he holds dear.

As fellow convicted felon Martha Stewart might say, this is a good thing.

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A Tribute to Conrad Black

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Today they sentence Conrad Black, an event that I have waited for like a kid waits for Santa.

Mr. Black has maintained all along that the remaining convictions against him are rubbish and even offered his opinion that this is a fine example of how US justice functions as a wealth redistribution system.

I would call him Conrad here, except I don't know him, nor do I think he would consider me his buddy. I don't think he is a member of the British House of Lords anymore, so it has to be Mr. Black. Anything else would be disrepectful.

Here we have a guy named Conrad Black, from Canada, being sentenced for BIG TIME fraud and obstruction of justice by the US legal system. Many people in Canada are thinking, well it's about time! He got away with far too much shit here for way too long. Where were our watchdogs and enforcers?

Hollywood screenwriters are on strike as I write this. A name like Conrad Black might be too hokey for an grade 'A' Hollywood movie script. It's like having a lawyer named Lipschitz as a hired mouthpiece.

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