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The Travis Martin Social Experiment in Trolling

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Put ths one in the ROTFLMAO file. Travis Martin responded yesterday with a post to his favorite discussion thread. Apparently, we, all of us, are NOT illiterate donkeys. We had it ALL wrong!

Ha-ha, good one Travis, didn't see THAT ONE coming at all.

Here is what Travis had to say (emphasis mine)

If you read what I wrote, on my facebook page, which is now displayed on this thread, and soon to be published, you will know that, in fact I do not view anyone in this group as an "illiterate donkey" and that the initial reactionary statements I posted were nothing more than calculated baiting to the hypothesis I was prodding at.

I am rather more interested in how a group of people, if attacked, would respond. Would they respond with the intent to educate, or would they wallow in the muck?

The vast majority of Canadians, to their own shame, do the latter. This is too bad. I would expect any group of people, on any political issue, however to act in like kind. What was shocking was how little of an attempt was made to educate the troll that you thought you had in your midst.
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Travis Martin is a Jackass


and You are all illiterate donkeys!!!

Yesterday, some dude calling himself Travis Martin became a new member of the Facebook group Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament. The group is now 150,000 members strong.

He started a discussion thread with this charming post…

Just thought I would join this group to publically declare you all illiterate, devoid of civic understanding, and completely unaware of the history of Canadian politics. A total omnibus of idiots! As such, your membership in this confederacy of dunces is symbolic only of how little you know about your own country and at the same time are willing to protest under the banner of your own ignorance. It is a shame to live in a country populated by such donkeys. Please god read a book, go to school, and develop skills such as critical thinking, the ability to understand Parliamentary Procedure, and the ability to read your own Constitution and governing legislation, and until such a time as that, if such a time ever possible, collectively shut the hell up and go back to your Pentecostal churches, your hippie compounds, and your pot-reeking congo-drum-circles. Sandals, a shawl, and black horn-rimmed glasses are not symbols of education they are symbols of “wanting to appear educated”. Get real jobs, meet real, people, and please, when you talk about democracy, please, god please, understand what it is you are talking about.


Travis Martin
(Considerably more wise, and at least able to read a long book).
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