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Bibi & His Three Stooges

There was another War on Gaza last month, a little more than a week the after the US presidential election. The good news is the death toll: Gaza 174, Israel 6, was much lower than last time.

And there was a historic UN vote that granted Palestine non member observer state status. Canada was one of the very few countries to vote NO. Israel, in retribution for this Palestinian action, has since announced plans for new settlements and has diverted taxes collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority for it's own use.  Canada stands by Israel. Canada is now Israel's strongest ally.

As Canada's international reputation circles the great white porcelain bowl, what do our major political parties and their leaders have to say about this appalling turn of events?

Nothing really. Netanyahu has all of these cowards by the short and curly's. And he won't let go.


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Canada Refuses To Speak Against Israeli Illegal Occupation


Canada was the only country to vote against a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution deploring the construction of new housing units for Israeli settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Forty-six other coucil members, including Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico voted in favor of the resolution.


The following text has been excerpted from this United Nations press release.

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