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Stephen Harper impersonates Robert De Niro


It's been awhile since there was a new blog on this site. There have been other diversions, which shall manifest themselves soon. Hee-hee, I've been up to some mischief.

This blog draws its inspiration from one of Scott Feschuk's caption challenges, a feature that appears in the Maclean's magazine online edition. The picture above shows Prime Minister Stephen Harper making some kind of gesture while Governor General Michaëlle Jean looks on.

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Canada's Harper Announces New Coalition Government

HarperCedesControl JasonKenny3 (5K)

In a surprising new development in the Canadian political landscape, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, leader of a minority government that faced an opposition party coalition challenge less than 4 months ago, made a surpise announcement that the Progressive Conservatives have formed a coalition with the Jewish Defense League and the Canadian Jewish Congress.

When asked how that could be, as the JDL and CJC did not run any candidates the last election, Mr. Harper explained that he had it on good authority that the JDL was, in the opinion of government officials, a bonafide legitimate party with important representation across the country.

He then handed over questions to Minister of Deportation, Facism and Xenophobia, Jason Kenney, who went on to explain that officials within CBSA, CSIS, RCMP, FBI, CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, IRS and other undisclosed departments had determined that if the JDL had and CJC been on the ballot in the last Canadian Federal election, they would have won a number of seats, thus making it possible to form a stable coalition government in Canada.

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Please, bear with me!

My brother bought a new computer recently and I offered to help set it up. It came preinstalled with Windows Vista, which is the only Microsoft choice available in about 90% of computer stores in Calgary.

If you find yourself buying to a Windows Vista system, and you have files on your old system that you would like to see on the Vista system, use a memory stick, an MP3 player, or even a digital camera to transfer the files.

Only a masochist would do it with Microsoft networking. Please, bear with me.

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