Stephen Harper impersonates Robert De Niro

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It's been awhile since there was a new blog on this site. There have been other diversions, which shall manifest themselves soon. Hee-hee, I've been up to some mischief.

Photo of the week - Maclean's nagazine
The Governor General was not impressed by the
Prime Minister's De Niro impression.

This blog draws its inspiration from one of Scott Feschuk's caption challenges, a feature that appears in the Maclean's magazine online edition. The picture above shows Prime Minister Stephen Harper making some kind of gesture while Governor General Michaëlle Jean looks on.

Readers were asked to submit a caption. Feschuk then asked for votes from a list of five finalists.

The winning entry was by Jack Mitchell, but I liked the entry submitted by Not Stephen Colbert the best, which came in second with only 28% of the popular vote. I guess it was a bit too, uh, Michael Ignatieff, for most.

Some readers may not know why this is funny (like my wife), so, in the interests of advancing subtle political humour, I have decided to deploy some Talking Head Technology™ to illustrate to the other 72% of Canadians who didn't get it the first time around.

If you move the mouse pointer over Stephen Harper's head, you can listen to Stephen Harper do his Di Niro impersonation. It's what he has to say, not how he says it.

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