Travis Martin is a Jackass

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and You are all illiterate donkeys!!!


Yesterday, some dude calling himself Travis Martin became a new member of the Facebook group Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament. The group is now 150,000 members strong.

He started a discussion thread with this charming post…

Just thought I would join this group to publically declare you all illiterate, devoid of civic understanding, and completely unaware of the history of Canadian politics. A total omnibus of idiots! As such, your membership in this confederacy of dunces is symbolic only of how little you know about your own country and at the same time are willing to protest under the banner of your own ignorance. It is a shame to live in a country populated by such donkeys. Please god read a book, go to school, and develop skills such as critical thinking, the ability to understand Parliamentary Procedure, and the ability to read your own Constitution and governing legislation, and until such a time as that, if such a time ever possible, collectively shut the hell up and go back to your Pentecostal churches, your hippie compounds, and your pot-reeking congo-drum-circles. Sandals, a shawl, and black horn-rimmed glasses are not symbols of education they are symbols of “wanting to appear educated”. Get real jobs, meet real, people, and please, when you talk about democracy, please, god please, understand what it is you are talking about.


Travis Martin
(Considerably more wise, and at least able to read a long book).
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My first thoughts after I read this post was that Travis Martin was an an internet troll for the Conservative Party of Canada. He was disrupting the CAPP website, Harper style. He probably has a copy of the CPC committee disruption handbook on his kitchen table.

He attracted a lot of attention. He responds quickly but delivers petty and unimaginative insults. Some of his rebuttals:

Parliament has been prorogued numerous numerous times. You are all being strung along and think that a run of the mill procedure is somehow deviant.
Your right I don't I am actually able to read and actually understand civics. My god I am a rare minority.
Ray there is no polite way to treat the illiterate except for with contempt.
Ray there are people who are incapable of education. Sadly the world is full of evangelical Christians, Chiropractors, people who believe in acupuncture, and people who watch Glen Beck. It is a sad state of affairs but really one has to face the fact that much of our population is really a total write off.
Richard, again why would I be polite to ignorant people - I mean, they are ignorant?

I will reserve comment on the level of Travis Martin's literacy and let readers decide for themselves. I did visit his Facebook info page. Though I'm not a Facebook friend of his, that includes everyone else in the world. I did get the sense that he might be an aspiring lawyer, and by extension, a budding politician.

He is a fan of the Facebook group Canadian Lawyers 4 Students and the Dave Matthews Band. If Dave knew, he might change his repertoire, or write a song that includes, somewhere in the lyrics, the title of this blog.

Some more posts from legal-eagle Travis Martin:

Randy, you are approaching slander… do you have a nice house that are are hinting I should expropriate?
Troll? Come on give up some data people… Where is the data that this is harmful or bad. Or all you all opinion and ignorance as I claim.

Travis Martin wants data? Here is one definition. But will he understand? Can he understand?

I personally struggled to come up with a good title for this blog. My first thought was Travis Martin is a moron, but that really insults the intelligence of morons. And I originally dismissed Travis Martin is a jackass because a jackass can be quite useful.

head up ass

I debated over a number of other options. You can imagine how many came to mind.

But the Jackass theme kept coming back, and it couples so nicely with the with his divine revelation - You are all Illiterate Donkeys.