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Computer Nerd Corner is a collection of blogs that deal with computer related stuff.

MLW refuses to proof read these pages because they are boring, technical and of no relevance to her life; at least until things stop working.

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Some pages deal with my dislike for all things that are Microsoft, or the trials and tribulations of dealing with technology and web page development.

This web site is developed on a Microsoft XP laptop. Other than the operating system, this laptop is pretty much Microsoft product free. Someday it will be completely Microsoft free.

Our production server, however, is a 100% Microsoft-free Linux Apache system.

This combination of different development and server platforms offers a rich breeding ground for all sorts of ugly, nasty, creepy, crawly BUGS. It's my own virtual rain forest jungle that I love to explore, often dressed in my bathrobe.

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Home Sweet Home page

OurHouse (40K)

Welcome to the our new Home page, a quick way of reviewing all the different kinds of rubbish to be found on this site.

Press the <space bar> to step through the menu selection on offer. This is the same as clicking the Next button, except faster.

Click on any of the links on a menu page to view a story page.

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Our Jab Journal

stainedGlass0 (51K)

So we have a new BLOG format now, called the JAB page. It has a scrollable calendar. The coloured days are the JAB days. Full moons are shown, along with some special occasion days.

This will be our online journal of our life and travels in the Netherlands. Move the mouse pointer over a JAB day to see the title or topic. Click on the day to view the JAB for that day.

Most of the content on this website will be found on the JAB page, including some of the real stale content that was on the home page.

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The black screen of death

leaningBellTower No worries… it's been financed with Asset Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP)

October 11, 2007

Wow! Almost a full month since our last update. Time does fly.

The jukebox page has been a challenge. We ran out of disk drive space for songs. Attempts at repartioning the existing hard drive proved fruitless. The end solution was to simply just buy a new hard drive.

Only $90 for 250 gigabytes! It's amazing.

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Introducing the NEE NEE Jukebox

screenShot (12K)

So we have been busy working a a new app to enhance your visit.

Today we are proud to announce our jukebox is now in operation, at least until the authorities shut us down.

End user experience may vary.

I started on this widget when I began learning PHP and mySQL stuff several years ago. To make it interesting, I needed a database that was both useful and fun.

I have a collection of mp3 files. It keeps getting larger. So this database was born from that time and need.


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Thundering YAPUs

I have been stampeded by a herd of YAPUs recently. A YAPU is my acronymn for Yet Another Program Update.

YAPUs are the speed bumps of the internet highway. They slow you down, sometimes even demanding that you restart your engine. But we reluctantly accept them because they are there for our safety.

A YAPU might show up on the doorstep of your computer when you turn it on; as you check your email; or open a web page; click on something in a web page; or even when you plug in an iPod.



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