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Welcome to the our new Home page, a quick way of reviewing all the different kinds of rubbish to be found on this site.

Press the <space bar> to step through the menu selection on offer. This is the same as clicking the Next button, except faster.

Click on any of the links on a menu page to view a story page.

Some of the story pages have pictures where the mouse pointer will change from an arrow pointer to a hand pointer as you move the mouse over the picture. When this happens, clicking anywhere on the picture will open a photo page in a popup window.

If you use Microsoft Internet Exploder and you have popup windows blocked, a popup will appear informing you that popup windows are blocked. I do this with javascript programming. I am not proud of this, and my sincere apologies for subjecting you to this silliness.

But MS exploder does not really let you know that a popup window has been blocked. And these web pages lose a lot if popups are blocked.

I hate MS Exploder. You should too. Download and use FireFox instead.