Our Jab Journal

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So we have a new BLOG format now, called the JAB page. It has a scrollable calendar. The coloured days are the JAB days. Full moons are shown, along with some special occasion days.

This will be our online journal of our life and travels in the Netherlands. Move the mouse pointer over a JAB day to see the title or topic. Click on the day to view the JAB for that day.

Most of the content on this website will be found on the JAB page, including some of the real stale content that was on the home page.

Our masthead is smaller now, but it still proudly displays our mission or vision or whatever other lame business euphemism they have for these things now.

Do you like our masthead?


On the left is a photo of one of the beautiful stained glass windows in the town hall of Maastricht.

The town hall is open to the public and features another room with some incredible tapastries. A must see! Free of charge.

We went to Maastricht for a weekend in October. Everybody here loves Maastricht. It's old, beautiful and full of history. This will be our next blog entry.