A tribute to John Baird

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Meet the Honourable John Baird.

The pit-bull of Question Period.

The Minister who can answer almost all questions by reminding the House of the Liberal sponsorship scandal. Under pressure, he can repeat the same non-answer 11 different ways, and still look at himself in the mirror the next morning.

The stand-up guy who answers those tough questions for ministers who can't think on their feet; for ministers who should be fired; and for ministers who can't think at all and should have been fired a long time ago (i.e. Lawrence Cannon)

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John Baird is the go-to guy when His Almighty the Prime Minister is busy traveling the country, searching for corporate taxes to cut, or promoting Canadian leadership in donuts.

John Baird is all of these things and more.

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If a movie were to made of John Baird, only Jack Nicholson or Al Pacino could really do our hero justice.

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We need someone who can state the absurd with such authority that there is no doubt. Someone who can make others cower and run with his razor response.

So this page is for you John Baird, honouring you for the way you have transformed Question Period into a theatre of the absurd. You da man, you da mouth, you da a**hole. Know what I'm sayin?


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