Preparing for an election

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So I was listening to one of my favourite songs the other day (no, it wasn't Stephen Harper singing A Little Help From My Friends - but keep reading) when a bit of inspiration struck me.


I'm a music guy. This song is one of the few I love for the lyrics alone. The music is pretty sparse, except for percussion. The lyrics are mostly nonsense, but the rhymes and the rhythms just get in your head.

I reckon the musings of Beck could replace much of what our Prime Minister and his trained-seal brigade have been harping about lately, as they gear up for the election they say nobody wants.

In fact, try substituting these sound bites for the ones we hear from the Conservative Party of Canada these days. They may be no closer to the truth, but they are more entertaining.

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Loser was selected as #200 in the The 500 Greatest Songs of All Times list that was published by Rolling Stone magazine in 2004. To be honest, I had never heard of the song until I viewed the list (I guess I should get out more). But after listening to it once, I was hooked. It's on my own top ten list now.

So, I've sliced and diced Loser for a few delectible talking points. Now, with a little help from THT, our simple pictures become talking heads with something to say.

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Take the picture on the left. Pretty boring, right? But move the mouse pointer over the mouth, and suddenly Harper is talking about (take your pick):

  • our never-ending war debacle in Afghanistan, or
  • his take on coalition governments

With a cadence and a message that we all want to say! Yo... cut it.

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Or the picture on the right. Amusing on its own, but with THT, it's almost like a CPC campaign ad - except the picture on the right is supposed to be that of Michael Ignatieff. (Dimitri note: Don't worry Mr. Prime-Minister-for-life, we can use photoshop to fix that).

The Loser Campaign

Welcome to The Loser Campaign, a new blog category dedicated to the 2011 Canadian Federal Election - the one Harper claims nobody wants. The one that Mr. 42% can't wait to have. After all - it won't be his fault if others don't compromise.

Yo, bring it on down ... with a little help from your friends.