The Thin Skinned Rabble at Babble

Diogenes's picture is a left-leaning web site that claims to be "News for the rest of us". Scroll to the bottom of the home page and you'll discover that most of their funding comes from various union organizations. They don't like free trade; they don't like globalization and they don't like big business. If the people at Rabble had their way, the NDP or the communists would be running the country and every business would be nationalized.

The Rabble website has a forum called Babble where members can make a post and then discuss it with others. The site is selectively moderated.

I was first banned over a discussion about Julian Assange of Wikileaks.  Another poster had opined that the rape charges being levied against Assange at the time looked like a railroad job to get him extradited to the States. I agreed and used the term "thin skinned feminists" in my post. This apparently so offended one of the thin-skinned feminists that he/she replied (post #61)

What a wanker you are!

I was informed by one of the moderators that I was not to use the term "thin-skinned feminists" again.

The continuing discussion was then switched from the International News forum to the Feminism forum by one of the moderators. I then made another post thanking all involved for helping me prove my point about thin-skinned feminists.

I was banned from the site by a moderator that calls himself oldgoat with this rejoinder:

I'm suspending you pending consultation with other mods which will happen when we get around to it.

Of course they never did get around to it. Arrogant worms never do. No matter. Over a year later, I signed up again under a new name and made a few posts.

Yesterday I created this post which discusses Bill C-398, my opposition to it and the reasons for opposing it. Canada's generic drug manufacturers have given Canada some of the highest priced generics in the world.

There are a handful of self made billionaires in this country that have enriched themselves by taking advantage of laws (or in some cases, an absence of competition laws) at the expense of all Canadians.

But something about the post or blog was very politically incorrect -- so incorrect that it has gotten me banned again and the discussion closed down in a little more than 3 hours after posting it.

I ask here (since I can no longer ask at Rabble) that Unionist and moderator Catchfire explain why I was banned because there was absolutely nothing in the post or in the blog link that warranted this action.

Unionist can be very clever, witty and insightful. I have learned much from him. He can also be a smug condescending asshole as many other have learned. So I am looking forward to Unionist's explanation as to why this post was so offensive that it warranted a ban. Maybe Barry Sherman is Unionist's uncle. Who knows?

I don't ever expect an answer of course, because any explanation offered would only reveal Unionist to be the schmuck that he really is.

I have been banned, again

I'm in good company. So many of Rabble's members have been banned that there is hardly anybody left anymore except for the core members of this mutual self-admiration society.

tritops (14K)Goodbye Babble Rabble. Your website is looking as fresh as a disco ball and shag carpet; the site upgrade was a flop. Maybe if you didn't spend so much money on those jackboot moderators, you might have some funds left over for a proper technical upgrade. Then again, if all the moderators were gone, the forum postings would drop significantly.

One last thing. Please don't have Kim Elliot send me another email on your latest fund raising campaign. For some reason I was offended by the last one, which landed in my email box not long after I was banned the first time.



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