Scheveningen (or Life is a Beach)

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The Kurhaus

The first picture is of the landmark Kurhaus hotel, built in 1886 and the focal point of Scheveningen.

Not long after the Rolling Stones hosted a concert there, the hotel was actually closed and marked for demolition.

It was saved from this fate when Led Zeppelin cancelled their concert at the the last minute (haha - just kidding - it was declared a historical building).

Since then, it has been restored to its former glory.


Between the Kurhaus and the beach is an elevated boardwalk or esplanade.

This promenade offers a continuous view of the ocean at eye level.

Glance down and view open air lounges of the restaurants below.

Catch the aroma of the tabletop barbeques, see and savour the sensations being prepared in those kitchens just below your eyes, your nose, and your wallet.

Holland is a showcase for style. It will be easy to find a place here that satisfies your sense of decor. If the weather is fine, it will be far more difficult to find a place with a table.


The beach is long and wide with soft sand. If you walk far enough, toward the dunes, there will be a spot for you in the sand that no longer resembles rush hour in Manhatten.

Lining the sidewalk that borders the beach are cafes that offer an unobstructed view of the beach and its people.

There are many thing to do in Scheveningen …

Eat a herring!

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Beach Art Herring Eater

In my grade 4 social studies, our teacher told us that eskimos eat raw fish. Eeewwww!

That was almost 30 years ago, before there were any sushi restaurants in Calgary and before anyone was willing to admit they immigrated from Holland.

Julie flies a kite

Go fly a kite!

The beach is often a windy place.

When in doubt, it is always a good time to fly a kite!

Jim learning dutch

There are drawbacks

In all fairness, I also have to report that not everything is perfect here.

For instance, there are no changing rooms on the beach.

I am shocked. I thought this was a civilized country.

I was obviously wrong. The dutch adapt to this horrible situation by ignoring the problem altogether. They simply change without any regard to privacy!

And it seems that more than a few of women here who forget to bring their tops. That, apparently, does not seem to matter either!

So, I must warn you, this is Europe, this is Netherlands, this is Scheveningen. Life can be harsh here.

Life can also be good here, as it should be.