The Rex Murphy Goo page

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Welcome to the Rex Murphy Goo page, which was inspired while listening to Rex go on about Harper's prorogation of Parliament while hosting CBC's Cross Country Checkup last night.

Rex Murphy looks so weird already that he doesn't really need his own Goo page, but having one does gives a Rex fan something to do while listening to one of his many diatribes. You can give him more hair, for instance, or make his cranium so small that future anthropologists will declare that he has no brain at all, which is what many of his contemporary critics also claim.

This page makes use of a java applet so in order to work properly, your browser must be java enabled.

Move the mouse pointer over something in the picture, like an eye or nose, hold down the mouse button and move the mouse around. You'll soon get the idea of why we call it a Goo picture.

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