Random Notes

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The regular readers of this page, if there are any, have known for some time that we were off to Norway for a few days. One might ask why.

Some serious work needed to be done there, not by me, but by MLW. The company had an apartment in Stavanger, so I tagged along.

According to the Economist magazines highly acclaimed Big Mac Index, Norway one of the most expensive places in the world. They put the price of the venerable Big Mac at C$7.21 (using the prevailing Bank of Canada currency exchange).

I set out to test the theory you get what you pay for. Set the bar low enough, and you can prove (or disprove) anything.

Meet the neighbours night

Tonight is meet the neighbours night. We are visting our neighbours across the hall.

I have met quite a few of the people who live in this apartment block. Most of them speak impeccable english, like they are from Oxford, except they have a Dutch accent. They are much easier to understand them many of the people I met in England who supposedly share the same mother tongue as me. But I digress.

Visitor Log Book

We actually had our first dinner guests, Julie's parents, just a few days after after we arrived in the Netherlands. We were also their guests in the flat they had rented. Jacqcues was savoring his first holiday following retirement. Life is good, as it should be.

We were honoured with our first dinner guest in the new flat the day after we moved in. The place was tastefuly decorated in a neo american cardboard box motif.

Our first overnight guest was one of my best friends, Hunter. He stopped over for a couple of nights before taking on a 100 mile hike in Scotland. Lost baggage and a cancelled flight did not deter him on his quest for the grail. Pictures on Facebook.

He made it to Scotland, and ecsaped Edinburough airport just before the havoc at Glasgow airport happened. Never a dull moment.

Our next guests should be arriving in a few days after a sojourn to gay Paris (you can still say that, right?). I will be instructing Joe and Cathy that we expect all our guest to be on their best behavior, or else they might get published on this web site.

Web page updates

They have been a few people who have suggested that I should be updating this web page more often. The current pace seems to be one update every time I move to another residence, country, or continent.

NEE, I say to them. This is Europe and great works of art take many, many years to complete.

Although great works of art and this web site have absolutely nothing in common, I ask you to overlook this and grant some artistic license here.

Otherwise, I might get mad or sulk. I might publish a picture of you. Artistic temperment can be a terrible thing.

FireFox Issues

We make every effort have this web page look and work the same in both FireFox and Micro$oft Internet Exploder. This is a challenge at the best of times.

In an unusual reversal of fortunes, this web page presently works better with Internet Exploder than with FireFox. It pains me deeply to say this, for I dislike Microsoft in general, and Internet Explorer in particular. After all, I'm an open-source kind of guy.

Firefox does not appear to work correctly with the embedded sound objects. They work most times, but if used repeatedly, will crash the browser. I do know, after many years of experience, that my clever programming may have something to do with this. I am seeking help.

It is normally the case that things work much better in FireFox than in IE. So until this issue is resolved, I promise to refrain from explaining why Internet Explorer and Microsoft suck.