Question Period soundboard II

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John Baird, Tony Clement and Bev Oda as
Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino and Dr. Phil

ImaWinner4s (6K)

For our second Question Period soundboard installment, we bring you the dramatic and psycho-therapeutic stylings of Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino and Dr. Phil.

Our QP grand master, John Baird, recites a few of my Jack Nicholson favorites.

clement7 (6K)

Tony Clement, our minister for mathematically challenged statisticians (snort) does a few Al Pacino lines.

DrPhil (3K)

And how about Bev Oda everyone? You may NOT remember her in this past season's classic I do NOT remember who…

Just click on the box (or the motivational picture included) and the soundclip will play.

DrEvil (3K)

CPC members, practise these responses for Question Period, or the campaign trail, or when you are dealing with those pesky reporters.

Remember, it's not what you say. it's how you say it. Over and over again.

baird9 (4K)
You want answers!?

baird8 (6K)

baird5 (17K)
You have the luxury of NOT knowing what I know.

baird1 (7K)
I would rather you just say THANK YOU!!

Tony Clement as Al Pacino

clement5 (5K)
You just cost me six thousand dollars!

clement7 (6K)
Six Thousand Dollars!

clement4 (9K)
What are you going to do about it, asshole?

clement6 (25K)
Did you hear what I said?

clement1 (6K)
Oh WHAT A BIG MAN you are, hey let me buy you a pack of gum, I'll show you how to chew it... ooooo

oda3 (6K)
Nobody really cares

oda1 (4K)
What are the things that YOU are most ashamed of?

oda2 (4K)
Are YOU avoiding reality?

oda3 (6K)
Do you go into the store and steal groceries?

oda1 (4K)
Do you torture small animals?

oda2a (4K)
How do you feel not being trusted by your wife?

oda7 (7K)
Quit being mad at me, and just love me again.

oda4 (4K)
I…have…been, for a long time, a rotten little bitch.


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