Political Madness

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Abdelrazik (2K)

I can't stop blogging about the political madness in Canada. Over the last few days I have learned that donating airfare to a Canadian stranded and abandoned in the Canadian embassy in Sudan puts one at risk of being convicted of supporting terrorism.

We have a government that makes up new rules as it goes along. Canada signed an agreement with Israel that co-ordinates the exchange of national security information and border management policies.

Harperstein5 (4K)

Why we need to co-ordinate border management with a country on the other side of the world and one that many Canadians consider a terrorist/apartheid state is way beyond by tiny brain to comphrehend.

ignatieff1 (5K)

Yesterday the Liberal party of Canada elected a new leader even though there was only one candidate. Michael Ignatieff has offered precious little criticism of the current travesties of our government, instead prefering to pontificate about how important the US/Canada relationship is. Human rights is just so bleeding heart these days, eh? There are more important things to focus on.