Parking in Den Haag

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The Parking in Den Haag page has been enhanced for Google Earth users. It now has a link to a .kmz file that will download and open with Google Earth (if you have it installed).

The car parked on the wall is quite visible on the satellite shot. An anonymous cyclist is also captured.

The satellite shots of Den Haag are amazing. There are no clouds, a clear sky. This is very suspicious.

That's why I think this is all made up. There are always clouds here. It rains almost every day. It's all a grand conspiracy, a master fraud, you see. Like when the americans landed on the moon. Whatever did happen to Sculley and Muldare?

We have lived in the Netherland for 5 months now. We are considering becoming members of the Flat Earth Society. We are one with the land.

This picture was uploaded to today. They vet the pictures that are uploaded so it takes some time before they appear in the database. They gave a target date of Sept 20, which is a week from now.

I bet these people get to see some very interesting photographs.

The objective here is that this location shows as a blue dot when the Geographic Web/Panoramio option is selected.

Click on the pic to know what I'm sayin'?.

windowGuy (41K)

Cleaning Windows

So the Labour Day Weirdness page was a hit, at least with the window cleaning guy that appeared at my window last week.

After I collected my wits from seeing this strange man at my window last week, I snapped his picture. Then I handed him a piece of paper with my web site address on it. Then I did up a new web page that feature this picture, and a few others, along with a rant about living in London.

It was all very spontaneous, kind of stupid, but it was a lot of fun.

The web site got a lot of hits on that day. To some, that is a measure of how pathetic the traffic here is when 1 person, his buddies, and his family can double the number of sessions in a day.

We'll be sure to do it again.