Much More Music in The Hague

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June was the month of Den Haag Festivals 2009. There were stages and events all over the city including one in Grote Markt, a square surrounded by pubs and with enough room to set up a stage (OK - right over the stairs to the tram station but no one seemed to mind). And it was free!.

The finale was last Sunday at ParkPop, which is billed as the largest free concert in Europe. It is held in Zuiderpark, a park with immense lawns suitable for large concerts. There were 3 stages set up and and up to 9 acts on each stage throughout the day.

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Pictured above is Chrissie Hines of the Pretenders. The papers reported 275,000 people attended the concerts, but I only saw 198,182 when I was there.

July 1 was Canada Day, and July 4 is Independence Day. To honour the occasion, this week's blog is called

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