Microsoft Does It Again

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For those of you that use Microsoft Internet Exploder as a browser, you may have experienced pop-up errors on these pages for the last month or so. I believe the last Microsoft monthly update (Jan 2009) made some changes to the browser that rendered this page, and quite a few others on the internet, broken.

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When a Microsoft media player appeared on a page, it used looked like the image on the left. Now it looks like this goofy thing on the right and does nothing.

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Everything still works fine with Firefox, Apple Sarfari and Google Chrome with Apple Quicktime installed as a plugin. But IE7 and Windows Media Player ... phutttt. I have fixed the problem on this page but there are many others left.

I hate Microsoft. You should too. If you still use Internet Explorer, you really should consider something else.

New problems with Microsoft Internet Exploder

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IE 7 on Windows XP now recognizes a audio/mp3 object without a CLSID. It didn't use to do this, and I relied on this behavior for IE to ignore the first object declared and default to the second object nested within, like the W3 standards state it should. IE would then use its favored Media Player and everything was ducky.

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Now IE 7 recognizes this first object and renders it as something stupid looking wmpError (3K) that does absolutely nothing. When the javascript attempts to play the sound bites, a pop-up error appears.

Stupid Microsoft.

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