Mad as hell, again

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I'm mad, mad as hell, over Alberta's resistance to a national security regulator.

I have rejoined Facebook under a new name and rejoined their group "Canaccord and Other ABCP Clients". An internet activist is reborn.

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach

The ABCP fiasco is coming to a close after 18 months but retail investors will not be celebrating until the money is in a mattress, so low is the trust in lawyers, committees and banks.

There are two now blogs on the site:

Never Say Never (Jan 15 '09) and
Disgraceful - Alberta's Stand on Securities Regulation (Jan 18 '09)

head up ass2 (5K)

The Disgraceful blog has a letter to Premier Ed Stelmach and a hypothetical job description for a provincial securities regulator.

Bill Rice, chairman of the Alberta Securities Commission, say it's a uniquely Canadian structure that works for a country as diverse as Canada….

We thought readers should know why you think this way, Bill.