I'm Goin' to Chicago

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I'm attending DrupalCon Chicago, March 7-10, 2011

Now that the personal website is up and running with the latest version of Drupal, it is with some excitement that I announce that I'm going to Chicago for DrupalCon, a four day conference for Drupal developers. How nerdy is that?

I was originally planning to go the the conference in London, England because it's closer, and London is always fun to visit (though I would never live there again). But there was a conflict. So I'm going to Chicago.

I'm hoping to have a couple of Drupal modules to show to any who may be interested. You never know, things could get exciting.

So much to do and so little time! But this site is up and running now and I mostly like the new version of Drupal. There are a few issues to work out and a bunch of tweaking to do now, but this is just the beginning, baby. Computer nerd (5K)

The login box has disappeared for now. In just 2 days I had weird people with weird email addresses asking to become members. This is probably so they can spam the comments board with miracle stories about vitamins and viagra. Gotta go. So much to do!