I am not making this up!

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Both MLW and some good friends thought this picture was the result of some clever Photoshop editing.

In truth, I'm not that skilled; this picture is quite real. It appears on a CTV website story from March 26, 2009.

This date also coincides with our government banning British MP George Galloway from entering Canada to speak to several anti-war groups in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

The date also marks when Canada was the only member of the United Nation Human Rights Council to support Israel's illegal expansion of settlements in the West Bank.


On June 4, a Federal Court judge ordered the government to issue an emergency passport to Abousfian Abdelrazik, the Canadian who has been living in the Canadian Embassy in Sudan for the past year. This is so Abdelrazik can finally return home.

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Meanwhile, a group of concerned Canadians, who were informed they risked being charged with supporting terrorism by donating for Abdelraziks airfare home, had arranged for another flight to Canada that was scheduled to depart June 12. The first flight on April 3rdwas missed when Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon reneged, at the last minute, on a promise to provide Abdekrazik an emergency passport. At least this time Mr. Cannon did not make any promises he had no intention of keeping.

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Today, during question period in the House of Commons, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson declared that the government would be complying with the recent Federal Court order to issue Mr. Abdelrazik an emergency passport.

I had sent an e-mail to Mr. Cannon about Abdelrazik and I received a reply not long after (see below). The answer provides no good reasons for all kinds of reasons, but in the end they simply amount to excuses for what is nothing but racist behavior.

Giving credit where credit is due

On June 3rd, the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) hosted its 29th Plenary Assembly. It was a somewhat remarkable event, as reported in the Canadian Jewish News:

Keynote speaker Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, praised CJC for being the conscience of Canada.

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They have spoken for the larger principle of human solidarity. The best way to protect your own rights is to protect the rights of others.

Ignatieff said Canada cannot be silent when one state denies another state the right to exist. We must stand with Israel in times of [Israel's] trial.

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The highlight of the assembly was the presentation to Prime Minister Stephen Harper of the Saul Hayes award for Human Rights.

Abfousian Andelrazik, Omar Khadr, Maher Arar, and George Galloway were unable to attend the ceremony.

I'm still trying to decide which is more ridiculous, the CJC handing out awards for human rights or Stephen Harper getting one.

Funtime activist tip - e-mail Lawrence Cannon and wait for a reply

e-mail to: Hon. Lawrence Cannon - CannoL@parl.gc.ca
Subject: Abousfain Abdelrazik

May 7, 2009


I am concerned about your treatment of this Canadian citizen.

Please explain to me why you and the government are doing this everything 
possible to keep this man from coming home.  This is unconscionable.


xxxx xxxxxx

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