How to pass the time waiting

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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I have not heard from KPN for 2 days now, either by phone or email, and it comes as no surprise.

I ask another neighbour if I can use his phone because I have to a call another 900 number. I phone Ziggo, the old service provider, and ask beg them to take me back.

I say mea culpa 3 times. I offer the email address of my first born son. I just want any phone service now, even one available only most of the time.

The soonest Ziggo would accept us back is October 1. I thank them for their offer but decline. I am defeated. I have no choice but to wait.

Monday September 21, 2009

Someone does finally call my cell phone but by that time the is battery dead again. I have voicemail on the cellphone, and the caller leaves a message.

After recharging the phone, I listen to the message but it's in Dutch. When I try to replay the message, instead of choosing replay, I erase the message.

So I go to the neighbours again and phone KPN to find out who called and what the status is. No luck. I give up and decide to just wait till Friday, when they have promised to come again.

The siege ends

Friday, September 25th, 2009

We have served our full sentence. There was no early parole for us. The KPN technician arrives early in the afternoon. He gets the system working so now we have telephone and KPN internet.

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The wiring is bizarre. There is a cable emerging from under the phone jack receptacle box behind our TV. This cable plugs into a splitter box. From that splitter box, emerges two cables and both connect to the modem. The modem also needs a cable to a power outlet. One more cable runs from the modem back into the wall socket where it all started. There are 5 LED lights on the modem that are all lit up, and a little antenna in the back of the modem for wireless.

Our phone is plugged into a phone jack in the another room.

Back in my control system days, we would call this kind of arrangement a clusterfuck. The mass of cables magically braids itself into a large loose knot that resembles what certain snakes do during mating season.

Still, it seems to works. I ask the technician for help configuring the modem so it can work with my web server. He knows the ip address of the modem and soon we are looking at the modem configuration web page together. I then ask him about opening port 80 for a web server.

He looks at me blankly, the kind of look I give when somebody asks me a question in Dutch. Except that he knows what I said, he just has no idea what I am talking about.

I realize that I will have to muddle through this myself.

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