Home renovations

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All is good!

We have been doing more home page renovations, experimenting with different backgrounds and colors and stuff, when I decided I really do like orange. I must be losing my mind! So I go back to the original orange.


Then MLW says, that's not orange, there's too much yellow! I think you have color blindness issues. So so then I end up repainting all the rooms again! Typical home renovations.

A new section has been added, The ABCP Crusades, for all the blogs written about the topic.

Last Friday the retail investors of Canaccord Securities got their money back, bringing a happy close to an amazing saga.

Make it work

I joined Facebook again under a new name (Diogenes van Sinope) and then I created a Facebook group called Minding Our Money (MOM). The idea here is to carry on the legacy of the original group Canaccord and other ABCP Clients, a network of common folk that banded together and made a difference.

I don't know where this effort will go. Canada's financial system is not as messed up as it is in the US, but the it is not as sound as the financial community would like us to think. The US is better at cleaning house.

All the CEO's of Canada's Big Five banks have taken pay cuts but every one of them will make 8 times as much as some of their collegues in the states, who will have pay capped at $500K per year.

Times are tough for everyone.