Harper's Kitten

Diogenes's picture

This famous portrait (though not as famous as Whistler's Mother) can be found all around the internet. Sadly, I am not aware of its providence, otherwise I would give credit where credit is due.

Have some fun

This is a QGoo Portrait. You can use the mouse to push and pull parts of the portrait for your amusement and entertainment. Your browser needs to be Java enabled.

Stretch and widen the chin, and our subject can look like Brian Mulroney. Push the eyebrows up and the tip of the nose down and he will look like some weird uncle of Peter MacKay.

You can make the kitten look like one of the lead characters from Pinky and the Brain.

This Java applet was written by Steven Wittens circa 2006. Back then he was a teenager in Belgium. He is still writing amazing software, but in Canada now.

Thank you Mr. Wittens. Your little applet continues to bring me and many others a little laughter now and then. I thank you on behalf of all Canadians and wish you well.




Click and hold while you move the mouse over the image. You will get the idea.