Harper sings another tune

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Oh, a storm is threat'ning
My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Oh yeah, I'm goin' to fade away

War children,
 it's just a shot away,
  it's just a shot away

War children,
 it's just a shot away,
  it's just a shot away

Stephen Harper put on another performance for his caucus the today, in a bid to stem the rising tide of protest about his prorogue of parliament.

With membership to the Facebook group Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament approaching the 200,000 mark, demonstrations planned across Canada for January 23, and plunging poll numbers, conservative MP's are getting a little nervous about the situation.

Since he does it so well, Harper sang another song - this time a cover of a Rolling Stones hit, in yet another command performance.

While this heart searing rendition was an appeal to all conservatives MP's to rally behind their leader; some observed it was a more nuanced version of a similar performance he gave at the New Year's party, which, back then, he humourously described as his artistic impression of the phone call to Governor-General Michaelle Jean. He nearly brought down the house!


John Baird, the pitbull of Question Period, outlined the new conservative strategy and talking points about the Afghan issue. Blame the Afghans. It's their fault. They are scumbags. If people ask about the war, blame the Afghans. If asked why parliament has been prorogued, blame the Afghans. If asked about the deficit, blame the Afghans. The Afghans are the new Liberals.

Baird then assisted Harper by providing backup vocals to the highlight of the evening, Harper's rendition of Gimmie Shelter, which Harper described as the most amazing performance by anyone, anywhere. Everyone present nodded in agreement. And Baird handled the real tough parts as only he knows how.

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