GIMP and StackOverflow

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dilbert (3K)

Two great discoveries in the last 3 weeks (at least for me).

The first was GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) which lets me create transparent GIF and PNG images (like this one). It does a lot of the same things that the uber-expensive Adobe PhotoShop does, but it's free.

The second discovery was a site called Stack Overflow, a Question/Answer website for programmers.

What is different about SO is that members join a social hierarchy where privileges are conferred based on reputation. Reputation is gained or lost by asking or answering questions that are intelligent or stupid. An interesting concept.

grinch (2K)

So I signed on and posted to the site, except I did not phrase the subject as a question. This was my first mistake. Then I had difficulty with the editor while creating the question so then I posted a question about posting a question. One thing led to another and I became obsessed with the silly thing. I ended up answering all of my own questions, which was both stupid and smart and probably nets out to a waste of time, but I had a lot of fun! I plan to be a regular visitor.

And a new web page was inspired by it - The Challenge