Election 2010 on the horizon?

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Election 2010 on the horizon

Jan 6, 2009

Stephen Harper has done it again. He crossed the line, was too clever by half, and he prorogued parliament for no good reason. Now he has pissed off more people than most anyone could ever imagined. People have reacted.

The breaking story from the CBC garnered over 4200 comments, the first Globe & Mail story logged over 2000 comments, all within 48 hours.

Harper has unleashed a tsunami of protest. A facebook group Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament now has close to 80,000 members, which is 22,000 more than it was just 18 hours ago! The debate on Facebook group is passionate, the activity intense.

An election is now on the horizon when parliment resumes sitting in March. Mr. Harper, you are responsible for this one. You, and you alone. You reached too far, assumed too much, and acted too imperially.

So now we have an imminent election in play.

Let's talk about fixed term elections, free votes, and coalition governments; maybe even proportional representation and an elected senate. And let's discuss democratic reform, because you, Mr Harper, have demonstrated that democratic reform is a priority.

Let's discuss Canada's war in Afghnistan.

HarperCedesControl (4K)

Let's discuss our support of Israel and your view of the anti-semitism problem in this country. Why is the Jewish vote so important to you?

And let's dicuss why national security matters trump open accountable government.

Let the debates begin.

Screw re-calibrating the economy, Mr Harper, and NO, we are not buying your line that this is business as usual.

This is playoff politics now and it's a whole different game. Let's see how you stick handle your way out of this corner.

Support our troops, end the war, bring them home NOW!