Canada High Commission's letter to George Galloway

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Here is a facsimile of the facsimile sent to Galloway's office informing him of his inadmissability to Canada. Note the reasons given here are very different from those published in Rupert Murdoch's trashy Sun tabloid that same morning, which is how Galloway learned of the ruling.

It is made quite clear in the letter, delivered 10 days before Galloway is scheduled to speak to an anti-war group in Toronto, that even if Galloway follows the procedures stated in the letter there is little chance he will be allowed in the country. The allegations are very serious.

I am guessing Mr. Robert J. Orr, of London's High Commission Of Canada, was biting his lip as he prepared this letter. It is rather unusual, after all, to bar a British Member of Parliament from entering Canada alleging he engages in terrorism.

Please Sir, don't shoot the messenger.

Now Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration and Fascism, claims in this Maclean's article that Galloway is at fault for not following the rules, summing it all up with this ludicrous claim:

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So there's a whole process that we have under our law to make determinations independently of politicians about admissibility.

This is pure bullshit of course. This ruling postively stinks of political interference and Kenney's continuing efforts to distance himself from the decisions made only serve to underscore his complicity. It is the BIG LIE in action.

Please tell us again Kenney, you hyperinflated gasbag, that this is not about freedom of speech. How gullible and stupid do you think we are?

As daft as this Rush Limbaugh wannabe, Rob Breakenridge?

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