Canada and Human Rights

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I've been obsessed and distressed with the Canadian politics ever since the George Galloway controversy erupted in the news. I have scoured countless news and web sites for more information. I joined a Facebook group, signed a petition, done blog pages to protest, joined discussions, and posted many comments to newpapers. My opinions about Canada, Israel and Hamas have certainly changed in that time.

It saddens me to see this happening in Canada. George Galloway is a five time elected Member of Parliament in Britain in good standing. He is a brilliant orator and debater. He is a peace activist. He is a humanitarian.


Canada has branded him a terrorist; prevented him from entering the country to speak to a church group. The US and Israel have no such problems with the man. In fact, no other country in the world has except Canada has made such an odious decree.

The Jewish Defense League, itself an organization with past links to terrorism, boasts about it's role in shaping Canada's foreign policy and homeland security. It spokesman, Meir Weinstein, threatens to monitor all Canadians who support George Galloway and even those attend who attend events to hear him speak.

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Jason Kenney refuses to use his extraordinary powers to overrule or second guess Canada's Border Security Agency, even though our so called security forces are known for scandals like killing an immigrant with a taser (and doing everything possible to cover it up) and giving the Americans bad information that results in a Canadian being sent to Syria and tortured.

Kenney originally barred Galloway from coming to Canada because the government does not like his views on Afghanistan. This is what they told Rupert Murdoch's trashy Sun tabloid before they had the courtesy to inform Mr. Galloway.

In the letter from the High Commission of Canada, Robert Orr makes it quite clear that it is unlikely Galloway will be allowed in regardless of what attempts are made.

Then Kenney serves up this pile of poppycock in a April 23 Maclean's magazine interview that suggests that Galloway did not play by the rules:

He was invited to provide submissions to the CBSA to inform their consideration of his potential application to enter Canada. He never provided them with any such submissions and he never presented himself to a point of entry where he would have had, at that point, a final decision on his admissibility, and had he been determined to be inadmissible by an officer at a port of entry he would have been able to apply for an inadmissibility hearing.

Give me a break Jason Kenney! Most everyone knows YOU are 100% behind this shabby legal blockade, you hyper-inflated little gasbag.

Abdelrazik (2K)

There is the continuing saga of Abousfian Abdelrazik, the Canadian citizen who has been living in the lobby of the Canadian Embassy in Sudan for the last year.

It's an embarsassing situation for both the Liberal and Conservatives because the story began under a Liberal government and continues under the current PC regime government.

lawrenceCannon (5K)

Lawrence (the loose) Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, keeps making up new rules and near impossible demands on Abdelrazik and then reneges on any commitments anyway.

An excerpt from a Globe and Mail article titled
Cause for all Canadian citizens to worry:

If an airline was willing to take him, the government said, he could fly home. But on Dec. 23, 2008, Passport Canada insisted he have a fully paid-for ticket before it would issue an emergency passport; the Canadian government warned that anyone offering him money for a ticket could be charged with supporting terrorism. After more than 160 Canadians chipped in airfare anyway, the government reversed course and declared on April 3 that he is a national security threat. It rejected his request for an emergency passport.

Now our government wants Abdelrazik to confess to being a member of al-Qaeda before they maybe allow him to come home.

robNicholson (2K)

Lawrence (waterboard-em) Cannon and his buddy Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson, would like this confession as it would corroborate evidence the government has from the Guantanamo Bay waterboard inquisitions. There is evidence to suggest that Canada requested Sudan arrest Abdelrazik based on this tainted evidence from the Americans. Canada now denies this, of course. Abdelrazik has never been charged or convicted of anything.

So now the government needs to indemnify themselves against any future lawsuits.

The government is behaving badly and continues to do so in spite of public and media opinion that overwhelmingly supports bringing Abdelrazik home. He is a Canadian after all. The man has been jerked around by the government and if he ever does make it back into the country, there will be lawsuits and dirty laundry that will cost the taxpayers millions to clean up.

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Stephen Harper, the master tactician, following the Machiavellian dictum of "It is better to be feared than loved" says nothing on the matter, keeping himself busy sucking up to the real powers in Canada, the mainstream media.

Alone in the world

  • the lone vote against a UN Human Rights Council resolution depoloring the expansion of Israeli illegal settlements in the occupied territories.
  • the only country in the world to not have repatriated one of its own citizens from the disgrace of Guantanomo Bay - child soldier Omar Khadr
  • the only county in the world to ban a British Member of Parliament, George Galloway, from speaking to an anti-war group.
  • the only country in the world to consider a donation for airfare to repatriate one of its own citizens as an act that supports terrorism

Border Security with Israel?!

Canada signed a "Public Security" agreement with Israel last year, though it was not widely reported. Here is a excerpt from a page on the GlobalResearch website:

The terms reference of the Canada-Israel Declaration are extremely broad. They include issues of immigration and ethnic profiling, the management of borders, intelligence and the exchange of information, emergency preparedness, correctional services, prisons, law enforcement and counter-terrorism.

ignatieff1 (5K)

Michael Ignatieff, awaiting coronation, promoting books, and reflecting on what he thinks Canadians want to hear, is apparently too busy to hold the current government accountable to any of its current actions.

But he is very proud of what Canada has achieved and what it can do. This bodes well for when he assumes power, which Ignatieff assumes is only a matter of time.