In Brugge

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Brugge is a old town in Belgium that has be one of the most beautiful in Europe.

The canals, the shops, the bridges, the boats, the courtyards, horse drawn carriages and the majestic trees. It's all so perfect.

Most of these shots are panoramas of 3 or more shots stitched together. There is so much to take in that one photo never does it justice.

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We stayed in this 17th century bed and breakfast in the center of town and across from a cathedral. Our room was on the top floor (center-right in the picture below). The original stained glass windows opened to a view of the cathedral, a canal, and two courtyards, the courtyard off the dining room, and the cathedral courtyard across the canal.

Unfortunately some of the the cathedral had scaffolding around it. The reluctant traveller has discovered that renovations on major landmarks are like the weather. You need a bit of luck for perfection.

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The stained glass windows here are 400 years old. The lead lattice had been replaced but the glass works is original.

Below is the courtyard of the B&B where we stayed, along with some street and canal views.

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One last shot of our B&B on a sunny day, just to prove we had one.

And a picture of me, just to prove I exist.

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